Sparkling Secrets

Sparkling Secrets Revealed in Asian Exhibition

Swarovski, formerly a popular and beloved brand in Asia, Swarovski was losing traction and awareness with the younger Asian demographic. To attract this new demographic, a spectacular exhibition “Swarovski Sparkling Secrets” was launched in Shanghai in 2012.

Leaning heavy on the sparkling quality of its gorgeous architecture, the exhibit showcased the company’s heritage, while linking Swarovski as a global leader in the current fashion world – a first in Swarovski’s history since its creation in 1851. Guests entered through a large keyhole into a crystal maze, to unlock the secret of the crystals. They were drawn into an iridescent blue room highlighting key dates in Swarovski’s prestigious family history. As visitors weaved through the exhibit, the secrets of Swarovski’s story and traditions revealed themselves, bit by bit, room by room, with interactive media.

Partnerships with fashion’s great brands, Coco Chanel, Christian Dior and Yves Saint Laurent,
lended a relevant, modern twist to the traditional and venerable world of Swarovski’s crystal. A five-part teaser webisode was specifically produced to conclude with the characters meeting at the event. Photos of Sparkling Secrets participants and fans trying different dresses on were shared on Chinese social media, quickly turning an initially exclusive event into an inclusive online experience for their fans.

The launch in Shanghai was so popular that the exhibition traveled to the Daelim museum in Seoul, Korea, then on to Japan at Osaka’s Hankyu Umeda Gallery and Hankyu department store.

With vast media coverage, over 120.000 tickets sold in Seoul, and great reception by guests on social media, Swarovski was able to position themselves back into the young, fashionable audience’s heart, proving that although some secrets lay hidden in the dark, Swarovski’s crystals ultimately glisten in the light.

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