Bulgari High End Jewelry

Havas Events NA was tasked in creating a one-of-a-kind gala dinner experience for 120 of their most valuable clients from across the globe. With an initial plan of involving Cirque-du-Soleil, Havas Events  quickly convinced Bulgari’s senior leaders to consider another approach instead.

As 3 of Bulgari’s newest collections were unveiled for the first time, Havas Events saw this as a great story telling opportunity. Bulgari’s Via Condotti doors became a portal to transport guests into 3 worlds of European landscape and culture at choreographed times throughout the evening.

Each world was introduced with a 15-person model show and ballet table service, as curated content was displayed on 12 x 12 video projection screens to create a one-of-a-kind experience. Beginning in the Isle of Carpi and ending with a fireworks celebration over the Spanish Steps of Rome, the entire evening was unique to Bulgari, creating a long-lasting impression and memories. The beautiful and talented, Morgan James closed out the dinner gala with songs like Crazy In Love and Empire State of Mind that had guests on their feet.

And it didn’t end there! Following the Gala dinner, Bulgari continued to host their clients over the weekend as they experienced first-class hospitality, accommodations, transportation, entertainment, and dining. Guests were hosted for private boutique appointments where they could preview the high jewelry collection live. As sales were at an all-time high, and feedback was incredibly positive, the event was deemed overall a huge success.


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